Independent Country at The Union Chapel

We’re playing at show at London’s famous Union Chapel next Saturday, 1st October.

There is more information over on promoter Daylight Music’s website:

“A lazy afternoon with music, tea and cake. An event for all ages. Free entry* midday – till 2.00pm. Follow us on facebook | twitter or join the mailing list. (*suggested donation £5.00). Produced by Arctic Circle. RSVP on facebook. The rest of the Winter 2016 season is here.

Independent Country are a six-piece band who play country versions of classic indie hits from the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s. Hear your favourite shoegazing tunes reimagined with pedal steel, lush three-part harmonies and fiddle. She Makes War is the gloom-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and all-round polymath Laura Kidd. Meanwhile, Zoot Lynam doesn’t just march to the beat of a different drum; he plays a different drum altogether: Zoot’s instrument of choice is the handpan (or “hang”), which is essentially a sci-fi spaceship of a percussion instrument. This is the first time a handpan’s been played at Daylight Music, so come and see it in action!”


In other news, it seems Jim Reid from The Jesus & Mary Chain likes what we’ve done with his song, “Blues From A Gun”.